CTO as a Service with main focus on Cloud Transformation

Nowadays establishment of internal Technology department is costly but yet technology is the main business driver to all businesses. How can you stay on top of technologies without disturbing your profit margins? We can help to find a solution. We provide expert view of technology function by offering Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”) as a Service. Our company provides solutions considering your needs and budgets.

We can be the bridge between technology folks and business leaders. We unite and improve communication between technology and businesses in various industries including but not limited to e-commerce, finance and banking, health care, professional services, IT management, IT consulting and other industries. We help managing and implementing research and development projects, software integration and implementation as well as IT support.

Cost effective tool to technology solutions

Technologies create new opportunities

More time to focus on new services, customers and organic growth

Improved decision-making capabilities

Cost benefit analysis for IT staffing strategies

What we do

Cloud Transformation

Application, Network and Security. Cloud transformation provides effective switch from costly on-site computing and data centers to flexible, “pay as you go” spending.

Technology improvement plan

depending on your needs and priorities, we will create a framework for the IT improvement strategies and implementation including project plans and milestones.

Automation of processes and workflows

Efficiency and security is often achieved with the automation of current processes and creation of new processes. Automation can integrate with and apply to any divisions, networks and applications.

Custom development and integration

We can build custom software for your needs.

Technology Upgrades

When was the last time you upgraded the technologies? Technology Upgrades are core to your success. It improves productivity and security, optimizes processes and workflows.

IT support and staffing strategies

Another key component that might be costly without a proper guidance. We evaluate your budgets and provide options that help achieve timely and reliable help.


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